Job Guarantee Now!

Jobs for All: A Prosperity Economy

Imagine a world:
  • Where everyone who wants to work has a living-wage job.
  • Where no one needs to cobble together multiple jobs to make ends meet.
  • Where joblessness and its consequences no longer exist.
  • Where millions are working in concert to heal our environment, rebuild our physical and care infrastructure, and renew our public art.
  • Where the basic right to a job is guaranteed.

We face a crisis of economic insecurity. At this moment of economic and ecological upheaval, when pervasive economic insecurity and racial exclusion exist alongside concentrated wealth and a sweltering planet, we need a strategy to build an economy that produces economic security and dignity for all.

A Federal Job Guarantee is our way forward. By ensuring every person who wants to work can find a good job meeting vital community needs, a Federal Job Guarantee can be the cornerstone of an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable 21st century economy.

Add your voice. Join us in calling for a Federal Job Guarantee - our path to an economy centered around human value. Show your commitment by signing the pledge.

About the Campaign

The Job Guarantee Now! campaign is led by the Policylink, the National Jobs for All Network, and the Modern Money Network. For more information, see our Background Statement and Guiding Principles for Designing a Job Guarantee.

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Add your voice!

Sign the pledge

Sign the pledge

Join us in calling for a Federal Job Guarantee - our path to an economy centered around human value. Show your commitment by signing this pledge.

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