Job Guarantee Now!

Jobs for All: A Prosperity Economy

Amid the compounding crises of the pandemic, climate change, systemic racism, and extreme economic inequality, a Federal Job Guarantee can be the cornerstone of an inclusive, thriving, and sustainable economy.

By ensuring that every person who wants to work can have a living-wage job with full benefits, a Federal Job Guarantee would eliminate involuntary unemployment, reduce racial inequities, decrease poverty, and raise the floor for all low-wage workers while building stronger and greener communities.

On February 18, 2021, the Job Guarantee Now! coalition joined Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley to launch the Federal Job Guarantee Resolution. Watch the video to learn about the history of the Federal Job Guarantee, endorse the resolution, and ask your reps to support the resolution.

About the Campaign

The Job Guarantee Now! campaign is led by PolicyLink, the National Jobs for All Network, and Public Money Action, in partnership with hundreds of advocates for racial, economic, and environmental justice.